The Lincoln County Enhanced 911 Center, and the Lincoln County Commission, are currently involved in a project of mapping and re-addressing the county so that all addresses will be of a city style address, per Chapter 7, Article 1, subsection 7-1-3 of the State Code. An example would be a current address of Rt. 1 Box 13, the new address might be 250 John Doe Lane.

While completing this project, we need your help. We need you to speak with your neighbors, who live on the same road as you do, and come up with a name for your road or street. In picking a name, please remember that we will not allow the following:
  • No duplicate road or street names in the county
  • No directional names, (i.e., East, South, North, West, etc.)
  • No words with the same meaning (i.e., Lane Road, or Road Fork)
Keep in mind that the first area, to pick a name, and that name is entered in the computer database, then that name is considered given, and will not be used elsewhere in the county, as it will be considered a duplicate. Also the street names must not be exactly alike but similar to be considered a duplicate.

As this project is a major undertaking, and it time consuming, we must limit the time for you to respond to 10 days. If we do not receive a response from you in this 10 day window, after notifying you we will name your street or road.

For a copy of the Street/Road name assignment form click here.